Friday March 22 , 2019

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When you shopped for homes last time, were some homes nicer than others?

Do “Nice Homes” Sell for more dollars than “Average” homes?

Would you like to sell your home for 5% to 15% more than other properties?

What about your home is worth 5% more than the neighbor across the street?

What attributes of your backyard caused you to offer on the home you live in today... as opposed to the one around the corner?

It’s not just “tidy up” & “keep it clean” that sells a home. Details Matter.

A Home Buyer has a Triangle of concern. They don’t want to pay too much for a home. They don’t want to buy a home with a bunch of problems. They don’t want to lose their perfect home to somebody else.

How a property shows compared to the competition directly impacts their perceptions of value and peace of mind. It focuses their attention on the likely interest presented by other buyers. Just as importantly, in a market where less than half the homes listed actually sell, a staged home can be the difference between listing... and selling.

Would your bottomline benefit from a 7%+ Return? 

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