Friday March 22 , 2019

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Pre-List Inspection

Three Nice German cars sitting on a dealer’s lot...

All Three are the same model, same color, same year. They are even within a few thousand miles of each other.


One smells like smoke. The leather is worn, the windshield has pits, the tire treads are getting shallow, and there is some road rash on the hood from gravel.

Two has new tires and a new windshield. The inside is cleaner.

Three has new tires, a new windshield and it has just been detailed. There is a 150 point inspection from a third-party mechanic. There are receipts for the last three years of regularly scheduled oil changes, all at the dealer. The one expensive repair is fully documented. The Carfax report is plainly visible.


One costs $17,000.

Two costs $18,500.

Three costs $20,000.


Which Car has your interest? Is it the cheapest? The most expensive? Or the best value?


Peace of Mind Matters. 15% of all buyers will buy whatever is cheapest. It doesn't matter what the product is. They hit the clearance rack, or they don't buy. Five Percent buy whatever is most expensive. Call it status, arrogance, whatever, for them, only "the best" will do. The remaining 80% will buy the best value.

A pre-sale home inspection adds perceived value to a product by assessing the risk, and making account for any cost of ownership issues. It helps a seller make an appealling presentation to 85% of the market, the 80% that buy value, and the 5% for whom only the best will do.

Our listings don't appeal to buyers looking on the clearance rack. But they do appeal to 85% of the audience. That 85% is far more likely to pay you the price you deserve for your home.


Details that convey “peace of mind” are worth thousands of dollars



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